The Event That Changed Everything
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Jake and Carla, two cooks in pursuit of their personal and professional dreams, encounter many challenges along the way, but none would compare to The Event.

"In an era of fast food and instant gratification, we are consumed with digesting endless streams of trivial snippets of information simply because we can with the invention of the smartphone.  One might suggest or even argue; we should take the time to slow down and savor life a little more like sipping a well-balanced pinot noir. This book is a story crafted like a beautiful wine from a person who has made a life in the hospitality industry adhering to the disciple and time-tested methods that anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen would respect and similarly matures over time like that well-crafted wine."

Kevin O'Donnell

Hunger Mountain Coop

Vermont Fresh Network

“Through The Event, Chef Sorgule takes us on a journey that examines the physical and emotional transactions experienced by those within the hospitality industry.  These transactions are highlighted through a series of environmental changes that push the boundaries of our current and transitioning food system, farming practices, and the ecosystem that it supports or destroys. 


Chef Sorgule not only shares his passion for food and cooking with the reader, he spells out the reasons why we collectively need to nurture, grow and support contemporary artisan agriculture and cooking.  We can no longer trust our food system with the health and welfare of our family, friends, and customers."

Chef Curtiss Hemm

Pink Ribbon Cooking 

“Paul is a zealous culinarian and professional educator who has been a lifelong mentor and contributor to the world of food.  His work is his vocation and his passion. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Event this summer.  Sorgule’s love for the Vermont/Adirondack Farm to Table Community shines through on every page.  I appreciated the back-of-the-house character development, and felt Jake and Carla could very well have been students’ of Paul’s.  After teaching and inspiring a generation of chefs, Sorgule now shares his passion with a new audience.  Bravo, Chef Paul!”


Nancy Matheson-Burns

President, Dole and Bailey Provisioners

Boston, MA

“This is a tenacious tale of two culinarians, both cursed and blessed while being committed to the responsibility we burden ourselves with as chefs in search of creating the Total Dining Experience.  I found myself reflecting on my own personal journey of 30 years.  A must read for all who are trying to find their way.”


Chef Jamie Keating, CEC

Chef/Proprietor: Epic Restaurant

Georgia, USA

This is Chef Sorgule's second novel.  In 2007 he published "In the Shadow of Cooks", an autobiography that paralleled his career as a chef, restaurant manager, culinary competitor and educator.  His current novel, a work of fiction, takes place in Buffalo, New Orleans, The Adirondack Mountains, New York City and the food epicenter of Vermont.  It is a compelling story of life behind the line and how man's impact on the environment could change everyone's lives.  The book is scheduled for release in late 2014.